So why build a custom PC?
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  Don't buy your next PC, build it! The advantages are substantial - for starters, you have complete control over your build, and you'll be able to pick components from manufacturers that you trust and won't waste cash on components that aren't important to you. Set your budget, find the basics, and then upgrade the parts that are the most important, and best suit your specific needs. Looking to do some gaming? Grab a top of the line GPU and experience games like you've never seen them before. Are you an animator, or someone who does a lot of video editing? Spring for some extra RAM and watch your rig power through rendering in no time at all.
  Another cool advantage of starting from scratch is that you get to decide exactly how your computer will look. You can show off your new build with a sleek, tempered glass case, set the mood with custom case lighting that matches your space and personality, or even custom paint some of your components to really give it that personalized one-of-a-kind feel. From humble to flashy, big to small, you get all the say in exactly how you want your build to look.
  Fast forward a year or two. Technology is constantly evolving, and newer, more powerful parts are coming out what seems like every couple of months. Here's the third (and arguably the most important) advantage of a custom build - ease of upgrading. Are the newest games starting to push your computer closer to it's limits, seeing a drop in FPS and rise in temperatures? No problem, just grab a new GPU and you're back in the game! Tired of waiting for applications to load, or is it taking too long to render animations or advanced 3d modeling? Pick up a couple more sticks of RAM and give your rig a second wind. You never need to worry about buying a new PC, just slowly upgrade each part as needed and it'll power on forever.


It's what's on the inside that matters

Key components, and what to look for when choosing parts

Case Cooling
Graphics Card Hard Drive
Memory Motherboard
Power Supply Processor


Take your setup to the next level

You've already designed and built your PC from the ground up, why not give the area around it an upgrade to match? It's one thing to have a fierce computer, but for people who really want the full experience, go all in with your own personal battlestation. I can help you design, assemble, and accessorize the whole project.

There is a YouTube channel called TechSource that features hundreds of different user-submitted desk setups, and can definitely give you an idea of the possibilities. You can design your own personalized area based on your favorite colors, personal style, decor and accessories, and of course the size of your space. As for all the wiring, it will be all but invisible - routed through the desk itself, via cable rails underneith, and straight down the legs to your computer for a super clean look. Add some accent lighting strips, a nice mic, and some speakers, and you're ready to rock!
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