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A quick intro, and some examples of my work

  Hey! My name is Stephen, and I have always loved design. When I was a teenager I taught myself some basic HTML and made a hobby of making websites, and pushing the limits of what I could do with this new language. Over the years I picked up CSS, Javascript, PHP, and others that have helped me fine-tune my ability to produce great websites.

  After feeling confident in my ability to create the layouts and designs of websites, I wanted to explore creating my own graphics and UI elements to add a more personal touch to my creations. I grabbed a copy of Photoshop and, with the help of some google-fu, taught myself the ropes. Now that I had the tools and the knowledge, I was confident that I could consistently produce professional content, and decided to start making money on the side doing free-lance web design.

  Fast forward to 2014, when I owned my first iPhone and was introduced to the world of Jailbreaking. After taking a bit to reverse-engineer some tweaks and themes, I started slowly replacing all of the stock icons, graphics, switches, and logos, with my own personal designs. Learning the extent to which I could customize my device fueled a whole new passion for re-designing my phone's UI in my own vision. Since 2014 I have produced over 75 full themes (over 6,000 app icons!), hundreds of status bar and settings icons, as well as tons of miscellaneous UI elements.

I do offer my skills professionally, and would love to hear from you if you're interested in working with me on any projects. You can just shoot me a quick email here, and we can chat!

Mobile & UI Design

Themes, icons, and UI elements

  Since first entering the jailbreak scene about 4 years ago I have produced more than 75 iOS themes, about 6,100 individual icons, hundreds of status bar and settings icons, as well as tons of miscellaneous UI elements. I often post threads on Reddit taking all requests free of charge for respring, alkaline, zeppelin, and cellular icons. Here is my cydia repo, take a look!

Design & Modeling

Websites, 3D models, mock-ups

   I love designing and creating new content. I enjoy taking an idea and making it a reality, something you can touch, see, and interact with. Over the years I've played around with coding websites and programs, rendering 3D models and scenes, task automation, prototyping — all of which are invaluable skills that have helped me ever since. I'm always down to help others with their projects as well!
Cydia Requests
Request icons for my themes
  First of all, thank you for downloading one of my themes! If I missed a few icons, just list them to your right and send them my way. It saves me a lot of time if you're able to include the App ID as well, if not, no worries! I may not be able to get to all of them, but I will absolutely do my best to help everybody.